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  • Attitude is the most important, persistence is the victory

    was born in the end of 70s, the beginning of reform and opening up China years now is thirty years of age. From a very good grades (not brag), 93 years admitted to a very good secondary school. Now it seems that the original choice is wrong, but in those years, many good people are […]

    Does website templates have much to do with traffic

              first, I was a rookie webmaster, in school time too much, just start to learn from the website, in December 07 started to contact the site, the first station or my brother to my site is zero, the mainstream, then copy and paste is Post Bar. In this way, […]

    Autumn wind on the experience of local portals operating experience

    autumn wind, I was in the first half of 09 years began to contact the website construction. At that time, because of the love of football, and in 5D6D on trial to build the super FANS forum, then, just because of hobbies, but the autumn wind at that time, there are goals, I feel that […]

    A guest to be eliminated from the Ma is the webmaster how to play their own death

    Ma Yun, one of the leaders of China’s internet. Many people in the world know this man is not tall, some legends also circulated on the Internet, the more famous video has two, one is the backpack to sell sports pages, one is to defend the manhole cover in Hangzhou, pushing the two eight bar, […]

    I love the depth survey report on profit tracking

    In front of our I love the discounted net of survey data (survey report: I love discount network data flow tracking ( and flow I love discount net depth report tracking: 20080619/55.html), a lot of friends put forward their views and comments, thank. There is a need to put forward, after the last time […]

    User experience is the guiding ideology of the user as a fool

    website design is the guiding ideology of user experience, that is, user centric design. so, how are we going to do user centered design? Some people will say: "to make the site useful, easy to use, friendly, right"; some people will say: "do a user experience design, and further to investigate the needs of users, […]

    Personal webmaster do standing seven difficult problems

    do stand for a long time, from the beginning of the static pages, now use CMS, do a few types of stations during the station, QQ station, now running television station, along the way, I summed up what I do stand experience the difficulties encountered are as follows: No. 1: it’s difficult to start. Believe […]

    Several misunderstandings should be noticed in the construction of the chain

    outside the chain layout construction is one of the core content of SEO, high quality of the chain can give web site good weight, high-quality anchor text links will make keywords ranking more competitive. But the chain Commissioner in the layout of the link is more blind, just pure pursuit of quantity, this is to […]

    To the novice webmaster a site proposal

    on the network is a mix of eight years, seen, experienced, there are many things worth telling the novice Webmaster: , a website to take a catchy name of the site, you look at the first page of hao123, mostly * * network, so we take this name easy to remember, but some users don’t […]

    What does a travel website learn from I love the discount network

    There are a lot of charm of the Internet, one of which is always at any time, a concept not pleasing website suddenly fire up, let these flowers flowers into the Internet are jealous, I love discount nets, is probably one of the latest version of the web dream ". I haven’t looked, I love […]