Past winners of Manning Cup

By on January 20, 2020

first_imgPast winners of Manning Cup1909 – Jamaica College1910 – Jamaica College1911 – No competition1912 – St George’s College1913 – Jamaica College1914 – Jamaica College1915 – Jamaica College1916 – Jamaica College1917 – Jamaica College1918 – Jamaica College1919 – Jamaica College1920 – St George’s College1921 – Jamaica College1922 – Jamaica College1923 – Wolmer’s Boys1924 – Wolmer’s Boys1925 – Wolmer’s Boys1926 – Wolmer’s Boys1927 – St George’s College1928 – St George’s College1929 – St George’s College1930 – Wolmer’s Boys1931 – Wolmer’s Boys1932 – St George’s College1933 – Jamaica College1934 – Jamaica College1935 – St George’s College1936 – St George’s College1937 – St George’s College1938 – Wolmer’s Boys1939 – Wolmer’s Boys1940 – Jamaica College1941 – Jamaica College1942 – Jamaica College1943 – Calabar High1944 – No competition1945 – St George’s College1946 – Jamaica College1947 – St George’s College1948 – St George’s College1949 – Kingston College1950 – Kingston College1951 – Kingston College1952 – Kingston College1953 – Excelsior1954 – No competition1955 – St George’s College1956 – St George’s College1957 – Kingston College1958 – Kingston College1959 – St George’s College1960 – No competition1961 – Jamaica College1962 – Jamaica College1963 – Jamaica College1964 – Kingston College1965 – Kingston College1966 – No competition1967 – Kingston College1968 – Jamaica College1969 – Excelsior1970 – Kingston College1971 – Wolmer’s Boys1972 – No competition1973 – No competition1974 – Jamaica College1975 – Kingston College1976 – Tivoli High1977 – Calabar High1978 – Camperdown1979 – Camperdown1980 – Excelsior1981 – Kingston College1982 – Camperdown1983 – St George’s College1984 – St George’s College1985 – Kingston College1986 – Kingston College1987 – St Andrew Technical1988 – Charlie Smith1989 – Excelsior1990 – Charlie Smith1991 – Ardenne High1992 – St George’s College1993 – Excelsior1994 – Wolmer’s Boys1995 – Charlie Smith1996 – Norman Manley1997 – No competition1998 – Dunoon Technical1999 – Tivoli High2000 – Norman Manley2001 – Bridgeport2002 – Norman Manley2003 – Excelsior2004 – Excelsior2005 – Calabar High2006 – Bridgeport2007 – Jamaica College2008 – St George’s College2009 – St George’s College2010 – Jamaica College2011 – St George’s College2012 – St George’s College2013 – Jamaica College2014 – Jamaica College2015 – Jamaica College2016 – ??last_img read more

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Prosperity Mineral Water Honored in Bassa

By on January 14, 2020

first_imgThe prosperity natural mineral water branch in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County has been honored and certificated by a local radio station named Radio Ghehzohn FM 106.3 as the best mineral water factory in the county for the year 2014.According to the chairman of the station honoring committee, Prince Wonplu, the company was honored for its dedicated and committed services in supplying safe drinking water to the citizenry of the county.Presenting the certificate to the company’s manager Mr. Ahamadu B. Zwannah, Mr. Wonplu said the company should redouble its ardent efforts to go beyond its scope in easing the thirst of the people.Receiving the certificate of honor Mr. Zwannah thanked the management of the radio station for the honor for cherishing and remembering their hard work and services to the people of Bassa, something which he said was not strange.He assured the people of the county that his company will not only serve the people of Buchanan, but vows to extend its services to the five statutory districts in the for the rural people to have access to safe and purified drinking water. He disclosed that the company was established in the county in January , 2012 to ably provide purified drinking water to the citizenry of the county in order to curtail water-borne diseases that could take away lives of innocent citizens who are supposed to contribute to the development of post war Liberia.He pointed out that safe drinking water is currently in demand, and his company sees the water at a reasonably cost as ‘’all fingers are not equal’’ even a poor person in rural Bassa can afford to get a bag or more to survive from water born disease.He used the occasion to commend his working staff for their ardent efforts to making sure that the purified water reaches the length and breath of the county.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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LRA Commissioner General Cautions against Leniency in Tax Collection

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first_imgAs President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has submitted the 2015/2016 forecast budget to the House of Representatives with warning of a high probability of financial constraints to face the country this fiscal period, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General Elfrieda Steward Tamba has cautioned her workers to exert all efforts and diligently work to meet the targeted budget.According to Commissioner General Tamba in a press statement, the country depends on LRA to raise the budget needed for the fiscal year; and LRA’s failure means failure of the country.“In your individual space, wheresoever you are sitting, do your work correctly so that we can collect the remaining revenue,” Tamba told employees in a recently held quarterly general staff meeting.The Commissioner General also indicated that there are major areas that are non-compliant. They include Maritime which owes a total of US$12. 6m and the Dividend Budget Support of LPRC which amounts to US$ 2.5 million. She said: “LPRC had promised to make three equal installments of US$ 833,000 over the course of the fiscal year. To date no amount has been paid with only one month to go. The LRA has made and continues to make efforts aimed at ensuring the payment of these revenues by fiscal year-end.”The National Legislature approved US$622 million as the national budget for fiscal year 2015/16, but was revised downward by US$70 million after the global downturn in the mining and petroleum sectors, thereby setting a revised forecast at US$552 million.President Sirleaf, while submitting the budget through the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), emphasized that the last years of her regime will be tough, something she said would lead government to even pay in the Liberian dollar to save the national reserve at the Central Bank of Liberia. Giving some statistical data about revenue performance, Commissioner General Tamba said:“The LRA has as of April 30 collected US$453 million, which is 81% of the revised target. Domestic Revenue accounts for US$ 356 million or 79% of the total revenue collected while external resources accounts for 75.1 million or 16%. Consolidated cash brought forward accounts for US$ 22 million or 5 %”Continuing, Commissioner Tamba said, “Of the total domestic revenue collected, Domestic Tax Department accounts for US$195.3 Million or 55%, while Customs Department accounts for US$ 160.7 million or 45%. The share of Domestic Tax Department in total revenue collected is 43%. Customs share is 35%. Major drivers in Domestic Tax Department are Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT). Customs Department is driven by Import Duties, Domestic Excise Taxes and Other Customs Charges on Imports.”The balance to be collected is US$104.5 million, and the LRA Commissioner General gave the breakdown as follows: Domestic Revenue US$ 60.2 million or 51 %, external resources US$ 42.2 million or 47% and Cash brought forward (On account of Maritime) US$ 2.2 million or 2 %.Commissioner General Tamba also emphasized that LRA has to ensure the collection of at least US$104.5 million before June 30, 2016—the end of the current fiscal period. In order to achieve the target, the Commissioner General told LRA employees that “….each LRA staff has to play his/her role effectively to ensure the balance is collected. The whole country is depending on us to do that—our own people, citizens….the government, the legislature and the judiciary; as revenue collectors, we hold a very hot seat.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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