What are we talking about when we tell a story

By on March 8, 2017

English content marketing popular word called story telling, literally translated into Chinese is to tell stories". This translation is really out of place in Chinese, because it can make people’s minds out of inappropriate Association, one of the most common is:

tell a story? Is it a story?

we have the impression that the story is small when adults kid the most commonly used weapons, including the little girl was strange uncle spoof of the massacre. So, tell the story, we Chinese in mind, a bit younger, but some fraudulent. read more

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5 minutes to learn the new Taobao stores the most effective promotion.

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The new Taobao

store the most troublesome problem is how to make the store of their own will not drown in the same type of tens of thousands of competitors, how to make their own shops trading volume soared in the short term, to honor the crown. Today I would like to share their experience in the promotion of Taobao shop. I hope to have the interest to open shop friends help.

a lot of new store decoration shop after a good start, a whoop and a holler own shop, what then is the Forum irrigation, mad miscellaneous advertising, advertising investment a lot, basically can not take a bubble volume. In fact, this thing is a network advertisement for us with no reality whatever things, the limited financial resources of individuals, basically not what is the actual effect, or should say =o, you might want to say those websites, portals, forums, advertising more scary, ha ha, it is really much, but for their advertising effect and we see advertising effect is not the same, why do you say, we see the advertising effect, the most practical is to bring us the volume, if the volume is not enough, the second brings us some traffic is also to afford to spend their own money however, those big advertisers ads most is to sell products, they required the advertising effect is closely, do not need to give my website bring much traffic, sell What are some of the products. For example, today we small Adsense to promote the network game Edinburgh, advertising to Sina, I believe he can really bring me a lot of traffic, but if there is no special thing, or things, he can keep people? Your ad tomorrow down, Tao Tao game net how many people will remember how many people visit? Similarly, Taobao stores lost to Sina, NetEase have? If you want to vote, it is Taobao’s own ads, our personal shop read more

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Six important factors to determine the success or failure of the site

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      because he had the intention to build the station, so I have seen a lot of other people to build the station. A little personal website experience, feel to increase website traffic and have little effect on the viewer’s impression of the recruitment of loyal visitors. May be a bit old, but the absolute direct from the heart.

      first, it should be said that the most important thing is the content of the site. See others have written a lot of related articles, most mentioned this. Personal website, is designed, if not only, even if he found a very good content in this website, because did not find the theme, the next encounter related issues is still not to think of the station. Do not say anything else, look at the station, blueidea.. Example, I think most people will think of them when they first encountered problems. Content is very important!
      two, update frequency. He said he wanted to see something different (except for individual stations), and it was like eating, if everyone ate the same thing, I think anyone would bother. Over time, will lose interest in the station. In fact, as long as the majority of visitors to visit the situation when there is a sense of freshness, learned something, feel the webmaster is in the heart can be. Of course not to find a pile of things or things to repeat. read more

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The war of words continued! The same way network CEO founder tuniu unchanged, no spring

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review: Wu Zhixiang said that the founder of how to treat investors, treat partners, treat employees, treat customers decide the enterprise can across much hom.

Guangzhou just off the plane, this time to see you and frontal joint "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" a letter to the expert, I see things like it, well, the net worth of all the bet, get a sum of money, but the stock price fell by 10%, by the Jingdong the shares are down, really difficult to write email to colleagues cheer, very good. Look at the contents of two words: sky, force and price Qi LOW. Since this is your two joint, we five founders also added up, or give you back. read more

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Do GG League as a lottery ticket

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Many webmaster do

GG advertising (Google AdSense for short) is K (closed account) is that many webmasters do homely food, even the GG alliance is to rely on luck, often see the webmaster complain, sigh: do GG alliance like to buy a lottery ticket, was the first prize, when you go against the found that tickets can not find, an international advertising alliance, to bring Chinese webmaster such feelings, maybe we should seriously think about what is the webmaster of a problem, or the Google Adsense read more

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Thunder is the bane of where

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thunder CEO Zou Shenglong

Abstract: if the copyright door is thunder rite, boil over, thunder was brought up; then the "door" will be the bane of thunder, from childhood to old


Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO’s event continues to make out, the Internet industry has recently made a sensational news: American Film Association announced that the association of the six film studios have China P2P in Shanghai (point to point) Thunder download services company to court, ask for compensation of 7 million yuan thunder at the same time, the RMB, publicly acknowledged piracy. The six plaintiff company backing big, respectively in twentieth Century Fawkes company, SONY film company, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. and Buena Vista international company, they believe that the thunder as the P2P service provider, to help users download pirated movies, the 32 film caused by the infringement of copyright. read more

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WeChat to rectify the violations four times the permanent title the vulgar

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To rectify the

[Abstract] to send the vulgar behavior, including the title, content, empty account cancellation.


technology news (Xiang Xin) March 25th news, WeChat announced that it will resolutely combat suspected of obscene, pornographic and vulgar information, to rectify and send the vulgar behavior, including the title, content, empty account cancellation.

WeChat said, WeChat public platform has been committed to providing users with a green, healthy ecological environment, and resolutely crack down on alleged obscenity, pornography and vulgar information. read more

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3 the bane of traditional marketing strategy, funnel unilateralism, quicksand fortress

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at 6 a.m. in the morning blind book, see the 3 rules of 1969 sociologist Herbert Blumer developed:

how people treat things depends on how he describes the

The meaning of

is derived from the interaction between man and man, man and society

mastery and modification of these meanings is through the process of "

" when people encounter these things

Blumer is a master of symbolic interaction theory. He believes that the interaction between people, is achieved through the symbol, that is, the meaning of the action, the symbol. Therefore, interpersonal interaction can be mediated by symbols, by understanding and examining the deep meaning of each other’s actions to complete. read more

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Adsense how to choose advertising alliance

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most let owners concerned about how to make web site to make money, do stand friends are all want to earn Diyitongjin life through the website of the. Most of the webmaster is mainly through the money advertising alliance, but in the end what advertising can make money, which is stable and reliable and the service is good advertising alliance, today I will put this in A5 years of contact with the advertising alliance comparative analysis, we hope to help the webmaster.

Everyone should be familiar with the read more

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The use of QQ friend impression website promotion

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              QQ2009 has a new function – friend impression is intended by Tencent, "friend impression" of this product, into the SNS element to the QQ panel, to increase user viscosity and interactivity, to add a friend described, do not delete friends then, move the mouse to the QQ picture will show you the added content, conditions must be installed QQ2009 version. After the test of Sedum can add URL, if the user wants to promote your website or shop, method, can add buddy circulation and friends through adding description, his friend saw it and thought it was goodbye recommended site, open a great possibility. read more

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