Xining City East neighborhood committee staff training

March 23, 2017

in October 17th, the city of Xining held a neighborhood committee staff training courses on how to do a good job in community neighborhood committees and how to create a harmonious community to guide exchanges.

meeting pointed out that the training will be aimed at the implementation of grassroots restructuring, the establishment of a new community, the implementation of separation of governance, strengthen the function of the residents of the autonomous organization. Neighborhood committees should be under the guidance of the community party work committee, community public service center, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of organization and other relevant laws and regulations to carry out various activities. The neighborhood is mainly responsible for daycare centres, library management, carry out education, organization, the residents of residents sports activities, the basic situation of job in the area of household survey work, and through the resident Council, responsible for collecting opinions from all sides, to guide people to consciously participate in the affairs of the district under the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the trial, democratic supervision of the affairs and public services.

meeting requires the neighborhood to convey the training content to each member of the neighborhood. In the future work, do a good job in the construction of the 4 teams, that is, Party members, volunteers, representatives of the residents and the building of the team building, give full play to their role in community construction and management. Pay attention to the 3 groups, namely the disadvantaged groups, special groups and special groups, mainly to solve their practical difficulties. (author: Wang Yupeng)

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