From “no confidence” to “trust”, nation needs more than legislation – Catholic Church

January 12, 2020

first_imgEaster 2019…Easter celebration a manifestation of social cohesion – President…Easter transcends religious boundaries – PPPGuyana’s Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne has issued a plea across the political spectrum for politicians to put an effort into healing the harmful divisions in Guyana following last year’s no-confidence motion.In his Easter message, the Bishop on Saturday said that it is necessary to begin the healing process even as the country awaits the outcome of the no-confidence cases which are currently before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).“My wish would be that we sustain our prayer for the nation,” he stated. “Our nation at present awaits the outcome of legal pronouncements flowing from the no-confidence vote of last December.  The courts and the Constitution can clarify the terms and the way they are to be applied.”“But to move a nation from no confidence to trust and collaboration would take much more than legislation can offer. It cannot be business as usual. Much of what has gone before, and to a great extent is still present, has not worked and is not working,” Bishop Alleyne said.According to the Bishop, observers of the holiday have a special responsibility to help set the nation on a new course. This new course, the Bishop explained, must be one that creates the right circumstances to heal the nation.“…certainly one of accompaniment creating spaces and circumstances that would heal the divisions of race, politics, gender and generation and the many ways we are fragmented and divided. He is risen, it cannot be business as usual,” the Bishop explained, going on to express best wishes for the season to the country.Social cohesionMeanwhile, President David Granger’s message was replete with hope that the Easter season would be allowed to promote unity. He noted the importance of the nation coming together to ensure a better future.“The Easter celebration radiates happiness and hope everywhere. Guyanese celebrating Easter this year can look towards the future with confidence. Peace and prosperity await us all. The Easter celebration allows us to promote greater unity. We must use this sacred festival to reconcile ourselves not only to God but to one another by fostering a spirit of respect,” the Head of State noted.Easter celebrations, he said, has become a manifestation of social cohesion, adding that it is a time when the “barriers of class and ethnicity are broken and replaced by the bonds of goodwill. The Easter holiday – the longest weekend in our country’s calendar – brings Guyanese together, at home and in the diaspora, in fun-filled family reunions, kite-flying, picnics, regattas, rodeos and other outdoor activities”.TranscendsMeanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has made calls for the holiday season to be used to spark reflection among Guyanese on its significant messages of tolerance and unityAccording to the party on Saturday, the holiday is a sacred one for Christians all around the world. It reminded, however, that in the midst of the fun and the unity transcending religion is a chance for reflection.“Easter is one of our nation’s most anticipated holidays in which Guyanese from all backgrounds participate in the traditional kite-flying and other family-related activities that have become synonymous with the occasion. It is foremost a very sacred time for Christians across the world marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”“Easter also provides many pertinent lessons for all humanity through its teachings of tolerance, humility, love and respect for others while offering an abundance of hope that one will rise despite being confronted with insurmountable challenges.The party took the opportunity to extend Easter greetings to all Guyanese, especially persons within the Christian community both locally and in the diaspora.“At this time, our party urges reflection on the significance of this sacred occasion given its pertinent messages and the importance it can play in helping to realise universal peace and brotherhood among all.”“Our party also takes this occasion to remind of the need for safety while flying kites. Once again, Happy Easter to all!”last_img

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