Western Temple four links to achieve five coverage of six

March 25, 2017

Reporter recently learned from the West District Public Complaints Bureau, in recent years the western district government effectively to solve the practical difficulties and problems in the temple agenda, actively raise funds to help solve the temple of water, electricity and roads and infrastructure construction of newspapers, radio and television into the temple and other issues. Currently, all the temples of the West have reached the four, five, and six coverage of the target.

it is reported that the West actively religious do good, will be the implementation of policies that benefit into the temple, the first for the region’s religious activities, including 7 mosques, 1 Catholic Church, the Christian Party 2, the subscription of "Xining Evening News", "Legal Daily", equipped with computer and other office facilities presented about religion the history, the party’s ethnic and religious policies, new Walz speeches and other books, for the new rural cooperative medical insurance, 4 for the new rural cooperative insurance area for the 9 religious people, religious people do not enjoy all kinds of make the most of the same level and different forms of relief, subsidies and subsidies, so that the majority of religious experience to the care of the party and government; secondly, attach great importance to religious activities organized several security issues, the Fire Department of the various religious activities of fire safety For the inspection, the private access lines, fire extinguishers unreasonable distribution and other security risks were completely corrected. In addition, the West persist in seeking truth from facts, according to local conditions, strictly abide by the regulations and requirements of land use planning, city management, demolition in the city, actively coordinating relevant departments of city, earnestly construction work places of worship. Led by the Western Public Complaints Bureau, Research Institute of the demolition of the mosque Peng Jia Zhai Zhen area, because of the demolition of the contradictions and disputes caused by this effective assessment, and through the religious activities of social management, assist and support the Democratic Management Committee to carry out the temple temple, the temple have increased income, effectively reduce the burden on the masses of believers. At present, the Peng village Catholic Church, the mosque Peng, Liu mosque and the tigers in the Taiwan Strait area of the mosque has been built and put into use. Han Zhuang mosque new temple site has been basically determined, but because of the masses of the temple design objections, failed to start in a timely manner, after multi-party coordination, the design has been finalized.


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