Xining Xiguan Street office please residents to comment

March 26, 2017

Xining Xiguan Street Office recently to the area residents, units issued 465 copies of the solicitation table, a total of soliciting opinions of the 404. In July 27th, according to the office of these opinions, summed up the problems in the 15 work and began rectification.

. The first opinion: office staff understand the basic situation of the area is not thorough.

: "to carry out rectification measures on hundreds of homes, as hundreds of love, home to do housework 100, 100, 100 warm heart" service, let the masses street workers. The community according to the population distribution, the difficulty of the work, the area will be divided into 19 regions, the implementation of community staff fenpianbaogan responsibility, and signed letters of responsibility, so that the residents that pieces of a pipe, everything people ask.

* Two Views: contact with the residents, not enough communication.

corrective measures: door staff propaganda policy, answer questions, and provide information for documents, coordinate and solve the difficulties and disputes; provide people that do service, coordination of services, communication services, visit services etc..

* Three Views: the main status and function of unit area does not play out.

corrective measures: the establishment of Xiguan center to promote the development of the service economy, promote regional economic development; to expand employment and encourage entrepreneurship as the focus, the establishment of street employment service center, actively cultivate intermediary organizations of community employment, the establishment of venture capital funds, vigorously develop the civilian economy. Regular visits to the jurisdiction of the unit, through the development of the community on the 1st line, the formation of the West Main Street Volunteer Association, etc., to build the streets, communities, districts and residents of the area to build the charm of the West platform.


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