West District this year, 54 projects for the benefit of the people

March 27, 2017

for ordinary people, the winter has a warm home is the most simple happiness. This year the government investment for the families of the building insulation layer, so that the temperature of our home raised 4 degrees C -5 C. Our hearts feel very warm." Ms. Wong, who lives in 54 street, No. 30, said. West District this year, a total of 54 key construction projects, the public has gradually enjoy the benefits brought by these projects.

this year, the implementation of key projects in rural areas, including agricultural and rural areas, urban infrastructure construction, social services and distribution services category 4 categories. The project for the tangible things in the majority, including the construction of public sports facilities, the construction of the masses health hut, home for the disabled, the west area of cultural and artistic center, Xichuan Road Kindergarten, the implementation of comprehensive renovation of old scattered buildings, the implementation of the alleys, Jia Xing Hai Lu also delisting road project, the construction of small Jia standardized farmers market and a number of private practical projects, these projects each real about the people’s happiness.

filed the original Jia small market, the surrounding residents are quite familiar with, there is a grocery store to buy food to buy a lot of road market. In 2008, during the health town, Xinhua market with the demolition, not for the masses around the shopping market, the West Street office and consultation by the district government approval, the construction of small Jia interim market. In recent years, the drawbacks of the road market has become increasingly apparent, operating households often occupy the market around the road irregularities, the market environment is also plagued by poor sanitation problems nearby residents. In 2013, according to the city’s traffic engineering requirements, the west district government decided that the demolition of the original Jia small market, investment of 50 million yuan to purchase Jia small farmers market, this is also the first Xining city government to pay through the purchase of the farmers market, at the same time, West District has invested 1 million yuan for the division and decoration on the market stalls. In September this year, small farmers market opened as a standard indoor farmers market, not only make hundreds of businesses no longer suffer from wind and rain, and let the public shopping environment take on an altogether new aspect is quite popular.


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