Xavi and Madrid: “Barcelona cannot play that historic fate of other teams …”

May 14, 2020

first_img“Returning to Barcelona is a dream” Xavi Hernández has given an interview to DjMaRiiO and the Post United channel. The famous youtuber discussed all the issues with the former Barcelona soccer player: how he is carrying the coronavirus, Barcelona, ​​the Champions of Real Madrid … “Barça have won them when they have been far superior to their rivals, they cannot play the historic luck that other clubs have had“He said. Later, he clarified that he was referring to the eternal rival. Ansu Fati: “I think it is great news for Barcelona. It is also from the quarry, a sign that work is being done well and that you have to bet on people from home. I was there at 18 years old and I had yet to mature. Ansu has a self-confidence. unusual. It is a very good surprise for Barça and for Spanish football as well. “His best football: “There is a lot of talk that I didn’t explode until I was 28, but at 23, 24, my football was already high-level. It is normal for people to be pro-results. When there are no results, people don’t even look at you. As Luis said Aragonese, no one remembers second place. In Guardiola’s time, everyone admired us for what they played and what they won. Like Spain too. “Coach or player: “It costs me more to accept defeat as a coach. They point you out, it’s the coach’s team. You feel singled out. When you win you take glory, when you lose you are responsible and it costs you sleep. You suffer twice as much.” Barça this season: “I always see him as a favorite in the league. In the Champions League it is more difficult. Barça have won them when they have been much superior to their rivals. Barça cannot play that historic luck that other clubs have had. Barça has to be very dominator, very sure of himself. History says he wins when he has been much better than the opponent. “Do you mean Madrid?: “Yes, Madrid, yes. Why not? Not only Madrid, but other clubs have had it. Barcelona were lucky at Stamford Bridge, with Iniesta’s goal with ten players and almost without shooting on goal. That It’s luck. I mean, you don’t have a good season in LaLiga, you’re fourth, fifth, sixth … and you win the Champions League. Barça hasn’t been through that, Madrid has called it a bit of luck. “Coach of Barcelona?: “I do not know why people see me like this, but I am proud and I like it. Now that I have tried as a coach, I see myself as capable and it is an illusion, a dream to return to Barcelona. I have said it on many occasions, I consider Barça is my home, it is my life. I am in an apprenticeship, I am learning a lot as a coach here in Qatar. Obviously coaching Barça are big words, you have to see it clearly, be very prepared. It is all a process and I hope that someday I can arrive”. “Playing without an audience would be sad” Qatar: “It is an easy country. I understand that there are many prejudices: the Arab culture, Qatar … But we are very good. It is comfortable, simple, it is all focused on the family and children, that in Qatar there are many. a luxury living here. “Do you want to come back?: “We are here very well. It has been one of the best decisions of my life, there are international schools, my son speaks English that seems native … It is wonderful to be here.”Soccer desire: “They do not leave me, it is a passion, it is my life. Now that there is no soccer I am half bored, although I am with the children. I lack the adrenaline of competing, training, motivating the players.”The Barcelona: “You suffer more when you are inside. You see that things do not go away, that there are criticisms of you … Now I suffer because I have friends, I am a culé … But you suffer less not being in Barcelona.”De jong: “It is normal that he has not yet given everything. First, because he is very young and can explode at any time. It is seen that he has conditions and needs a little more consistency and maturity. It is not the same to play in Ajax as in Barcelona , that in Madrid, that in United. Here you are to examination every game, they look at you with a magnifying glass and more when they have paid so much for you “.The pass, training or gift?: “Both. There must be some natural talent, but it is 100% workable. At Barça you do a master’s degree.” Xavi Xavi Real Madrid today: “I see him strong. It is hard to see him weak. Historically I have rarely seen him like last year. This year he is much stronger and has high-level players.”Look alike on the grass: “Gundogan, De Jong, Arthur, Kroos, Modric, Cazorla … They resemble me, technically they have vision of the game, they don’t lose the ball easily.” Xavi Second coach?: “Iker could be the head coach, but he hasn’t tried it. In my last two years, I started thinking about being a coach, I already had my methodology and I came to the course with it. Casillas is prepared to lead, I don’t see him as second, but as head coach. “Memories of the Selection with Iker: “There was friendship, companionship, leadership, captaincy. I have seen him suffer, I have seen him happy … I love him very much, he is like my brother and I wish him the best.”Lautaro: “I like it, who doesn’t? He stands out well, he gives depth, he plays space, with few spaces. Barça does well when interested.”The Madrid-Barça de Mourinho: “The tension is normal. Iker is very Madrid and I am very Barça. It is the only thing we did not agree with. From the first day we met we have got along very well. There has been tension, we all wanted to win because the two clubs they are made for it. “The best Barcelona: “Barça feel comfortable when they dominate the game, they have that big ball possession, 60 or 70%. That is when they are dominating. In recent years it has been costing a bit more and they have Rome or Liverpool. “How are you carrying the coronavirus?: “Well, we are in Doha and here everything is more controlled. There are few deaths, we are confined, but it is not as cool as in Spain. They have closed everything, football is stopped, training at home … We are 35 degrees, but we have a garden and we go into the pool. “ “Neymar? Why not? Soccer football leaves me no doubt” “Casillas would be a great coach” Xavi Solutions for football: “It would be sad to play without an audience. Here we often play with few people and it is sad. We play soccer for people, who are passionate about it. It is a luxury to see crowded stands. If there is no other solution, it would be the last solution to play without an audience … People don’t do much for the league here. Maybe they could reduce the schedule for the next season, now you couldn’t name a champion or who will go down. It would be very unfair to decide now. Everything has to end in the field. That next year there are other ways, but that they be known beforehand. “Neymar’s Return: “Why not? Soccer-wise I have no doubts and I have lived with him in a locker room and he seems to me a great person in coexistence. He was a professional here in Barcelona and would make a difference. Then there is the social, bureaucratic issue, that there I’m not getting into it. But in the field it’s among the five best in the world.Casillas: “He is a leader and he can be a great coach. But Guardiola is my reference as a coach. Of course, I have also learned from everyone I have had in many things, from the tactical to the emotional.”Philosophy: “When my team has the ball it is when I am calm I prefer that my team have the ball, it is not having it for having it. You have to go on the attack. You have to work high pressure.”Goodbye to Cristiano in Madrid: “A player like him who scores 40 or 50 goals per year … You miss him, of course.”last_img

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