Take measures to grasp the energy management of public institutions

March 27, 2017

According to the

energy conservation office issued "on 2012, the county public institutions energy saving publicity week notice" requirements, combined with the actual situation of the work of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Office, from June 11th to 16, carried out in order to "cherish the source of life, everyone to save water" as the theme of the Public Sector Energy Awareness Week activities, and promote the Commission (the work of public institutions Energy Saving Management Bureau).

one is to strengthen learning, improve awareness. The organization of all cadres and workers in centralized and decentralized form of learning the "energy conservation law", "public institutions energy conservation regulations" and related policies and regulations, to further clarify the public institutions energy saving targets and the social responsibility Committee (bureau), the cadres and workers form a consensus.

two is the development of energy-saving measures to lay the foundation of the system. To work to standardize the management of energy-saving, standardization and refinement as the core, detailed and quantitative energy-saving targets, establish and improve the energy management system of post responsibility, from the system level specification of the Committee (bureau) energy management of public institutions.

three is a rich means of management, pay close attention to daily management. Water, electricity and oil are the main items of daily energy consumption, and also the key points for the daily management of energy conservation and consumption reduction by the public authorities of the commission. To strengthen the study and publicity, to raise awareness of water conservation work in you life; making the official car registration form, to strengthen the management of motor vehicle fuel consumption; the combination of fire prevention and energy saving work, to strengthen the management of the electricity, the use of various office norms advocated office supplies, put an end to the night "long light" phenomenon.

four is involved in publicity, create atmosphere. In order to further promote the public structure of the work of energy-saving emission reduction, energy-saving concepts more deeply, and actively participate in the Public Sector Energy Awareness Week activities, people on the road in a display of banners, promotional banners ten, such a poster exhibition, to create a strong atmosphere for energy-saving work of public institutions. ()


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