The 300 committee members sounded the alarm

March 29, 2017

recently, the organization of Chengdong District belonged to the 15 administrative villages and 30 neighborhood of the new village (neighborhood) "two committees" members of a total of more than 300 people listen to the collective alarm bells ringing, and enhance the ability to resist corruption.
the analysis of grassroots cadres crimes as the theme, from the characteristics of duty crime connotation, forms and harm, to more than 300 Village (neighborhood), made it clear that the grassroots cadres crime direct violation of the fundamental interests of the people of agriculture (Habitat), the serious consequences caused the contradiction, easy to stimulate stem group the relationship between tension and impact on social harmony and stability etc.. At the same time, the district also in recent years investigating the rural neighborhood, typical cases of crimes of endangering the state, society, families and individuals to bring, with the people around, things around to elect a new village (neighborhood) "two committees" members of a class on the anti-corruption warning education open up a fresh outlook class. Through a real case, that the new "two committees" members to fulfill their duties, honesty and self-discipline, and resolutely resist the unwholesome tendencies, consciously withstand all kinds of temptations, firmly establish the concept of collective consciousness, overall situation.

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