Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department for needy college students receive grants

March 29, 2017

for the implementation of the 2013 Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to do things for the project at the grassroots level, further embodies the care, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department recently held the theme of "autumn student warm, caring party promote harmony" grant distribution ceremony, giving the student grants 2000 yuan for the city’s four district three County College 50 rural households community party hard family household, family, help college students realize their dreams excellent in character and learning difficulties, stimulate entrepreneurship party hard and poor students study hard enthusiasm.

in order to ensure fair and reasonable grant funds, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department in accordance with the number of college students to participate in the college entrance examination, the number of Party members and the number of villages, communities, to the county science and distribution of the selected quota. City, district and county organizations adhere to the principle of openness, transparency, the selection of the basic situation of the county Party members and families of the difficulties of screening, screening, and ultimately determine the list of 50 members of the proposed subsidy difficult.

grants ceremony, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department Party members always hoped that the recipients in a communist standard strict demands on themselves, work hard, play their own advantages, broaden the channels of wealth, to fight poverty as soon as possible. Hope that the recipients of students to study hard, with good conduct, outstanding achievements in return for society, return home, return parents. At the same time, requiring the county organization department actively carry out various party care activities, often go to the party members especially the old party members, party hard, know what they need and want, hope to help solve practical difficulties and problems, to arouse their officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm, make a positive contribution to the economic and social development. (author: Xiao Liu)


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