Two months rectification of public environmental problems 163

March 30, 2017

August 8th, the reporter learned from the creation of the city office, since May this year, two months, the city hit the city in accordance with the work of the municipal government, scientific planning, solid progress. For the general public strong concern of the public environment, public order problems, the city hit the city to do the work of the working group has issued a 41 notice of inspection, rectification of the problem of the 163.

focus on orderly work

use a variety of carriers, for society, for the grassroots, for the masses, to carry out mass creation activities. Further strengthen the construction of civic education positions, has built 303 kinds of moral lecture hall, the 1 moral hall. Relying on the district public schools, school moral education platform, to carry out regular and systematic moral practice, mobilize the masses to actively participate in the fourth session of the national moral models contest, I selected 3 candidates for the national moral models. Seize the concern of the masses, social concern food and drug safety, social services, public order three key, vigorously carry out the prominent ethical issues in the field of special education and governance, deepening moral education, strengthen the focus on remediation, improve the long-term mechanism, and strive to make new progress and new achievements in solving the people the salient issues on. Hotels, hotels and other large and medium-sized food and beverage service units, schools (agencies) canteen as the focus, extensive conduct civilized table action. In the minors to carry out a wide range of China my dream "," with courtesy, "Rihangyishan" Theme Educational activities. In accordance with the requirements of the current evaluation system, 1 municipal, 4 district level of minors mental health counseling Station will be fully put into use, 38 standardized school psychological consultation rooms and 10 city schools children’s palace construction project is under construction, is expected by the end of August and put into use.

hundred days tackling environmental remediation

Problems of public order for the general public strong concern of the public environment,

, in the city to continue to implement the city environment, public health, traffic order, market order, social and cultural environment, service six "hundred days crucial action, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in strengthening the meticulous management of the city, for in this year’s city civilized degree index evaluation result is steady and lay a good foundation for the goal. (author: Xu Shunkai)


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