Xining municipal facilities to receive a comprehensive physical examination

March 30, 2017

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Engineering Administration Department, even the day to the Municipal Engineering Administration Department of the municipal facilities within the city launched a comprehensive "examination", and for the improvement of maintenance, and strive to make the city more clean and beautiful.

from the beginning of April, the Municipal Engineering Administration Department of cadres and workers all out, use various types of vehicles, to conduct a comprehensive investigation and remediation of the jurisdiction of roads and bridges, culverts, road accessibility, road lighting and other municipal facilities, while the road manhole facilities, road central isolation barrier and other ancillary facilities for cleaning repair. In the process of cleaning and repair defects found in time to eliminate, if there is a problem can not be resolved in a timely manner, will be filed in a timely manner, and finally focused on processing. At present, a total of 528 square meters of brick paving; clean ditches 673 meters 1178.5 meters; adjust the deformation of rail joints; clearing 2084 meters; change the road lighting line 573 meters; 5250 light shade scrub etc.. Through the comprehensive investigation and remediation of municipal facilities, to provide the public with a clean and beautiful urban environment.


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