Xining evening news today for Taiwan to send blessings

April 2, 2017

Xining – Taipei flight departed today, carrying 5 million 700 thousand people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai heavy blessing and hope, more than a thousand copies of the Xining evening news will enter the island of Taiwan, an affectionate greetings, full of Taiwanese profound sentiments of friendship, a propaganda great beauty Qinghai newspaper will be delivered to the hands of the Taiwan compatriots, and more closer between Qinghai and Taiwan people’s distance, enhance the friendship between people on both sides.

set up two air routes

Wang Xubin, deputy director of the Department of Commerce in

Province, since the reform and opening up, Taiwan compatriots on the economic development of Qinghai has given great attention and support, Taiwan has played an important role in the construction of Qinghai, the opening of direct flights between the two places, has set up a Taiwan and Qinghai air fast channel and the friendship bridge, provides a new the platform and the new opportunity for the "beauty of Qinghai" tourism brand image promotion and opening in Taiwan. Not only can show the history and culture of Qinghai and the beautiful natural scenery, also let people know more about both sides, increase mutual trust, let more Taiwan compatriots understand Qinghai, into Qinghai, to further deepen the friendship between the two people, expand the breadth and depth of the Qinghai and Taiwan cultural tourism and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, to play a positive role in promoting cross-strait peaceful reunification.

since 2012, a number of departments in our province, culture, education and science and technology group was invited to Taiwan 87, 755 people. Taiwan enterprises to invest in Qinghai, involving electronic components manufacturing, food and beverage processing, hotel industry, good operation of Taiwan funded enterprises are: San Want Hotel Xining Co. Ltd., capxon Electronic Technology (Qinghai) Co., Ltd., Tenfu, etc.. Direct flights will not only further promote cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in tourism, but also promote exchanges and cooperation in culture, education, science and technology, health and other fields, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

route for the Green Taiwan endorsement

Taiwan uniglory chairman Zheng Guangyuan on this voyage quite touched: "beauty of Qinghai has been in my heart the most beautiful scenery, Xining is the largest city in Qinghai, is the ancient Silk Road through the area, the altitude created a special climate in Qinghai Province, now is the most comfortable tourist season, passengers can fly to Taiwan summer in Xining. The route opened, Qinghai and Taipei closer together, the unlimited business opportunities, but also to develop a wider market for tourism industry. I sincerely invite you to take the uni Airways flight to Taiwan visits, tourism, personally experience the culture and customs of Taiwan, natural ecology, scenery and taste the delicacy snacks, together for the endorsement of Xining – Taipei route to do the best."

opens a window of great beauty Qinghai

Deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau Terry Chui

: "Qinghai has open the magnificent scenery of the plateau, Taiwan has charming and beautiful island scenery, the magnetic difference generated by the mutual attraction between Qingdao and Taiwan tourism is very strong." The route opened the Taiwan people feel a big window of Qinghai beauty. "Beautiful Qinghai" tourism brand at home and abroad have been called out. 2010, two consecutive year in 2011;

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