Vehicles occupy the bus site to be heavily fined

April 2, 2017

In December 31, 2015, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment held a press conference for the remediation of "bus station is occupied, the city traffic police detachment since December 24, 2015 to carry out special operations, in the investigation of the bus site occupied at the same time, synchronous rectification. Combing the city occupied by the station and occupancy, and has completed the rectification of some of the stations.

appears to be the occupancy of the bus station, mostly located near downtown areas, commercial facilities around the campus or passenger traffic hub. During the morning and evening peak, such places crowded, vehicle gathering, mostly for people to travel to the origin or destination. According to the regulation, the reasons and characteristics of occupation can be roughly divided into seven parts: one is the black car, taxi and social vehicle for ordinary street showmanship or shuttle passengers, the bus drove into the harbour or temporary parking in the harbor, resulting in buses, into the site of interference; two is an important transit hub facilities (such as train station the long-distance bus station, bus station) around by taxi, car, car and other vehicle parking balling effect, and can not be successfully access site occupied directly; three is the downtown business district, shopping shops, restaurants, hospitals and other surrounding sites, because the public vehicle interference, or because of the vehicles queuing to enter the parking lot surrounding blocking the bus, into the station; four is the peak morning and evening time shuttle students, parents of students for the convenience of the car directly The car parked in the bus around the site; five is part of the site by location distance road intersection is too close to the traffic jam, passing vehicles by site, harbour traffic; the six is the individual in the new city bus station long time parking; seven is the site of the bus after being occupied behavior generally occur in 19.

which bus station into occupied areas

West district;

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