Strengthen the implementation of the responsibility to ensure that the general election in accordanc

April 2, 2017

8 month 22 days to 24 days, led by the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Cao Wenhu, went to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Xining City, Huangyuan county and Huang Zhongxian City area and part of the township, County Township two NPC community to guide the inspection work of the election.

Cao Wenhu pointed out that the number of people to participate in the election of the county and township level two direct number of participants, the process of complex links, the parties need to carefully deploy, careful arrangements, teamwork. The establishment of electoral institutions throughout the country, the election of the implementation of the program, the division of constituencies, voter registration, on behalf of the proportion of the structure, the voting and other aspects should be in line with the statutory procedures. To strictly represent the quality of candidates, both focus on the representation of the universality and representation, but also stressed that the performance of their duties and awareness of the ability to perform their duties. To organize the election day to vote the work, strengthen the use and management of the mobile ballot box, do according to the law on behalf of the qualification work after the election, the key to whether the elected representatives of a comprehensive review of the legal. After the deputies elected to do a good job on behalf of the new training.

Cao Wenhu stressed that to strengthen the election situation analysis, the key parts, on key processes and key links, strengthen accountability, and make plans for possible problems, with "zero tolerance" political attitude, strict legal procedures, scientific and effective working mechanism, serious discipline, to ensure that the election in accordance with the law in an orderly manner.


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