Strengthen inspection to ensure the safety of transportation in winter

April 3, 2017

2010 from November 30th to December 4th, the city transportation bureau party secretary, deputy director of the Secretary Ma Haizhou, Tan Ming comrades of the Organization Department, Transportation Bureau Jun yunguanchu and safety leading group members, the city bus company, the taxi industry, the dangerous source, dangerous goods transport, bus station, gas station of safety in production in winter check.

Check the

adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" principle, to grasp the source management, improve the prevention and supervision, and urge enterprises to establish a sound long-term mechanism of production safety, technical condition of vehicle and road transport bus and passenger and cargo transport and transport of dangerous goods vehicles, equipped with fire fighting equipment and aerated setting and fire hammer station. The bus station "three one supervision duties in the implementation of a comprehensive examination, repair workshop, oil depot, railway crossings and other major hazard safety regulations and preventive measures. From the inspection results, on the whole the road transport enterprises to establish safety awareness, attaches great importance to the work of production safety, sound organization, management system and clear job responsibilities, procedures and equipment inspection system in place, especially dangerous goods transport enterprise has also carried out the exercise plan to work. But also found in the inspection of individual public transport vehicles fire equipment is not standardized, the fire extinguisher pressure is insufficient, piled up in the car, such as waste oil drums.

for the problems found in the inspection, the Secretary for the city of Ma Haizhou on the future work of the following requirements:

1, continue to seriously carry out self-examination and rectification, strengthen the effective management, the security work on the top priority, establish production safety is the biggest benefit management concept, runs through to the production and management work, to ensure the normal operation of the order of the bus.

2, bus companies inspectors and crew to strengthen the "three" inspection, the investigation focused on passengers carrying liquids ride, without violating the privacy of passengers, the grades of rooting out in front of the car as soon as possible. Vehicles in the event of emergency to calmly deal with, actively organize the evacuation of passengers. Ensure the safety of passengers.

  3, the bus station should resolutely implement the "three stop, five could not stand on the" three "system, increase inspection efforts to eliminate gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil, alcohol, water, rubber and other flammable and toxic firecrackers Yi Baohe dangerous goods on board.

4, all units must adhere to the leadership duty system, to further clarify the responsibilities, make clear responsibility, responsibility to the people, and do a good job of safety education of drivers, eliminate drunk driving, driving civilization firmly establish the safe operation and service consciousness.

5, public transport, passenger vehicles to strictly control the speed of the operation, prohibit the vehicle neutral glide, the technical condition of the vehicle in a timely manner to check the maintenance and repair, put an end to the vehicle sick run.

6, each unit should strengthen the monitoring of dangerous source points, combined with the characteristics of winter snow and rain, to organize full-time security personnel, reserve the necessary melting agent, do a good job of rain and snow safety;

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