Provincial government held a provincial investment project scheduling

April 3, 2017

8 10, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the provincial investment project schedule will inform the province’s progress in investment and project work, study and solve the problems and difficulties, the implementation of investment projects to promote the scheduling.

the meeting pointed out that this year, all localities and departments across the province to accurately grasp the current economic situation, adhere to firm growth, promote investment, grasp the project in key position, comprehensive measures to implement the plan, investment and construction projects in the province’s economic and social development has played a strong supporting role in stimulating, to achieve the province’s overall economic stability Naka Yujin, for the better.

meeting stressed that investment is an important engine of economic development in our province, is to maintain economic growth, improve people’s livelihood an important support. All regions and departments shall, in accordance with the deployment of provincial Party committee and government decision-making, to promote the construction of key projects and promote the development of private investment as the focal point, adhere to the established goal without wavering, breath cohesion steady growth, ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks. Grasp the construction of the golden period, go all out to promote the start, promote investment, promote the degree of solid progress in major projects. To adhere to the problem oriented, the implementation of private investment policy initiatives, strengthen coordination services, broaden the financing channels, and vigorously promote the development of private investment. To further tap the potential, itemized refinement tasks, focus on key areas, key industries investment. To continue to improve the mechanism of coordination and promote the formation of joint efforts, up and down linkage, the implementation of the responsibility, strengthen supervision and inspection and elements of protection, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.


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