Hao Peng The Belt and Road depth into the expanding open space

April 6, 2017

recently, governor Hao Peng special investigation caojiabao customs bonded logistics center of operations and G6 Beijing Tibet high speed flat closed construction. He stressed that to strengthen the overall interconnection channel construction, infrastructure construction and cooperation platform construction in depth into the "The Belt and Road" for traction, improve the level of opening up, develop new space.

in Haidong Industrial Park Airport comprehensive economic Park, Hao Peng came to the caojiabao bonded logistics center recently put into operation, inspected the bonded logistics center, customs inspection and intelligent bayonet site inspection platform, inspection warehouse, patrol channel, center warehouse, customs hall, monitoring center, detailed understanding of logistics center construction, operations and business circulation safety. See the hardware facilities and software installation and debugging has been completed, the first single cargo has been warehousing and distribution, Hao Peng affirmed this. He pointed out that the construction of caojiabao bonded logistics center is the province into the "The Belt and Road", to promote the economic development of important initiatives, to further improve the policy, innovation system, expand the function, optimize the management, the bonded logistics center to create a comprehensive professional, large-scale, international import and export goods distribution the center and trade base, promote new formats and new business models to accelerate the development of. Hao Peng stressed the need to continue to improve and optimize the foreign exchanges and cooperation platform, accelerate the comprehensive construction of the bonded area, and strengthen the coastal border area clearance integration and cooperation, and actively promote cooperation and aid green surrounding provinces, the Green Fair, Lake Race exhibition events and "The Belt and Road construction of effective docking, constantly enhance the opening the level of.

then Hao Peng came to Pingxi Expressway Xiakou interchange project and train station construction site investigation of West overpass project. He pointed out that the renovation and expansion of main roads, Ping Xi freeway interchange project implementation, to improve the Beijing Tibet Expressway and Xining city road traffic conversion ability, construction of rail transportation hub, improve the regional road network system and improve the function of "The Belt and Road interconnection channel construction level, has important significance, to ensure that speeding up the project the progress of the engineering quality and construction safety, put into operation as soon as possible. Hao Peng stressed that the channel construction is the province into the foundation of "The Belt and Road", to continuously improve the highway and railway network, improve the integrated transport hub function, actively build around the country and an important national and regional routes, strengthen aviation and land port infrastructure, accelerate the province built strategic channel silk road important economic zone the.

every place, Hao Peng special emphasis on production safety work. He pointed out that a solid job of production safety is the fundamental requirements of practicing the people centered development ideas, all localities and departments should firmly adhere to the development must not be at the expense of security the impassable "red line", adhere to the problem oriented, grasp the source of governance, highlighting the road traffic and transportation, construction, fire and other key the field, dragnet investigation and security risks, to take effective measures to plug security vulnerabilities, do a solid job in the beginning of the end of the work of production safety, to eliminate all kinds of security risks, improve the overall security level of production safety, and resolutely prevent and curb serious accidents,;

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