New Xining science and technology awards introduced the highest single prize 300 thousand

April 6, 2017

At present, Xining science and technology incentives "(hereinafter referred to as the" new new "measures") has been introduced, and held in the people’s Government of Xining city in April 3rd by the Standing Committee, will be implemented, the old "Xining science and technology incentives" shall be repealed at the same time.

"12th Five-Year" since the registration number of each year in Xining science and technology achievements greatly improved, from 11th Five-Year 20 to the annual increase of more than 40 year, therefore, it is necessary to appropriately increase the number and amount of science and technology award. The new "measures" and the November 2004 promulgation of the "measures" compared to the old, not only the original biennial selection award prize for progress in science and technology from 10 to 15, the total bonus increased from 350 thousand yuan to 1 million 100 thousand yuan, but also added the science and technology cooperation award.

create significant economic or social benefits in Xining city science and technology innovation, scientific and technological achievements and high-tech industries, can apply for the outstanding contribution award of science and technology. In line with the new products, new processes, new materials, new varieties of biological research and development, in line with the conditions of greater scientific and technological innovation, can apply for scientific and technological progress award. In Xining China citizens or organizations to teach advanced technology, talents, science and technology development put forward important proposals and measures, has achieved remarkable results, and promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between Xining and abroad, make an important contribution, for science and technology cooperation award.

the level set science and Technology Cooperation Award Outstanding Contribution Award of science and technology, science and technology progress award, first prize, two prize, third-prize three grades. Outstanding contributions to science and technology award prize 300 thousand yuan, science and technology cooperation award prize of $50 thousand, science and Technology Progress Award for each of the first prize of $80 thousand, two yuan per item, such as $50 thousand, each prize of 30 thousand yuan.

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