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April 6, 2017

– the provincial government sent a congratulatory letter to the delegation of Qinghai


– Tibetan girl Cao Mojie yesterday the women’s meters final Zhaijin

Ren Ren long clouds the day before yesterday, the man won second gold medals in our province

– marathon runner Yin Shunjin won the first gold medal in Qinghai

– a silver copper hit gold sports the best level of

  – Yin Shunjin Yin Shunjin; for our province to win the games first gold – Long Yun man million meters of winning second gold medals – Tibetan girl Mojie Zhaijin Cao million meters 5000 meters and silver medals in the newspaper news (reporter Ge Wenrong): since the start of the Twelfth National Games Triumphant news keeps pouring in., on behalf of Qinghai by constantly back to the good news so that every Qinghai people are excited. The evening of September 11th, in the National Games women’s meters final field, the province of Cao Mojie in the course of the game in the case of interference, is still 31 minutes and 55 seconds to get the title of the 66, for the province and then won a gold. As of now, the province has a silver copper gold are created to participate in the games the best performance in 30 years, the achievement that the peoples of the province is exciting. Long Yun: 10000 meters national record holder on the night of September 10th man million meters, Long Yun as million meters of national record holder, I only get tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games, the players were created in 2007 China marathon and 10 thousand meters, two meters record won the national championship. Is undoubtedly the greatest popular gold. After 83 minutes of hard work of 29 minutes of hard work, the national record holder of 10000 meters, the province’s first name, the first year of the dragon, the first year of the year of, the Qinghai delegation won the gold medal of the National Games this year, the 26 year old. The 11 day, the women’s meters finals, this game is almost gathered all the master projects in China, strong Mojie Cao to face Wei Xiaojie, Jia Chao, Ding Changqin. Cao Mojie: the native Tibetan players in September 9th, held in Shenyang in the Twelfth National Games women’s 5000 meters final, Qinghai native Tibetan’s Cao Mojie to 15 minutes and 49 seconds 22 runner up;

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