Hao Peng in the Provincial Museum of Art Museum Library Research stressed build a platform to do a g

April 6, 2017

11 12, governor Hao Peng attended the Kunlun overlooking the first Qinghai contemporary art exhibition opening ceremony, and in the provincial art museum, cultural center, library research. He stressed that the important content of promoting cultural Huimin as the practice of development thought of taking people as the center, to further increase the public cultural service platform construction, accelerate the construction of public cultural service system, promote the equalization of basic public cultural services, let people share the fruits of reform and development of culture, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

early winter in Xining, cold weather. Hao Peng first entered the art museum, visited our province in the best of spirits artists in art, calligraphy and photography creation masterpieces, look carefully at the exhibition area, the public education service area, collection of Treasures Exhibition Area, academic exchange area, he asked the gallery to give full play to show, research, service, communication and popularization stereo function, it is necessary to carry out public cultural service activities, but also to meet the majority of artists to create communication needs. In the museum, Hao Peng understood the characteristics of Qinghai culture exhibition, digital facilities, cultural centers, large auditorium etc. in detail, he asked the cultural innovation mechanism, strong team, relying on the position, strengthen service, carry forward the fine traditional culture, heritage protection of intangible cultural heritage, enriching the cultural life of the masses. In the library, Hao Peng walked into the digital library, children’s library, reading area, look at the overall layout design, asked in detail about the organic link between stage, the two phase of construction, the province library consciously adapt to the new trend of the development of the transformation of the public library, play the "national reading and scholarly society" in the main role.

research, Hao Peng on the provincial art museum, cultural centers, libraries and the overall effectiveness of the building of the future development of the full affirmation. He pointed out that the "three center" is an important cultural Huimin project in our province, has the symbolic significance in promoting the construction of cultural province, must take the "three Hall" managed and used well and play a better role in the development of advanced culture, promote cultural Huimin, in the construction of cultural province. He stressed the need to innovate institutional mechanisms, efforts to open up the three Museum barriers, integration of resources to enhance the effectiveness of the province’s public cultural services. To make full use of our province’s history and national culture resources, carefully build popular public cultural service brand project, to attract more people into the three Hall, Qinghai to understand the splendid culture and long history, expand the influence of Qinghai beauty. To increase the intensity of education and training, and constantly improve the quality of public cultural service personnel and service capabilities, to do a good job in the three Hall to provide a strong talent support. To finish the job, carefully do three museum building off the work, pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment, construction of the new building space layout of the surrounding sunning Plaza, especially to further improve the service functions, improve service levels, so that the "three Museum" has become an important starting point to promote Qinghai cultural construction, an important platform for the construction of modern public cultural the service system of an important symbol of the level of public cultural services.

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