63 provincial units to accept honest government assessment

April 8, 2017

In August 4th, the reporter learned from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, in accordance with the deployment of provincial arrangements, clean and honest Provincial Leading Group Office will focus on the time of a month, the province’s 63 provincial units in the first half to perform clean and honest check.

the check, compared with previous years, the assessment content, methods, procedures score for a larger adjustment and change. In the content settings, consider more committees to implement the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities of the Commission for Discipline Inspection to implement mandatory assessment indicators; the means of evaluation, pay more attention to the daily inspection application assessment results, the first half of the eight cities in the implementation of the two responsibilities as a City State Examination Survey in the assessment, quantitative results, no longer in the the eight city check in; scoring procedures, not the implementation of on-site scoring system, the scene only feedback, after the field inspection, according to inspection unit of work performance and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection daily understand in quantitative evaluation.

check and pay more attention to the problem oriented, the office of the leading group has developed "the first half of 2015 the provincial units of clean and honest examination assessment scale", "discovery and clear feedback on this content, the assessment team members focus on finding the problems and signing endorsement, check after the end of each evaluation unit according to the existing the problem of quantifying. More prominent realistic principle, in order to cope with the examination of existing practise fraud phenomenon, pointed out that the problem scene, deduct the score, and timely feedback to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, accountability related party (party) and the Commission for Discipline Inspection responsibility.  

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