Suspect arrested for allegedly assaulting North Bergen teacher

May 2, 2021

first_imgNORTH BERGEN — Police have arrested a man who allegedly attacked a North Bergen school teacher earlier this month, according to a town press release.Video captured and posted to social media shows someone appearing to force the teacher to the ground, then appearing to kick him in the face. According to North Bergen officials, the incident occurred on Dec. 8. It allegedly began as a fist-fight between two female North Bergen High School students a few blocks from the school. The teacher, who was off duty at the time, witnessed and attempted to break up the altercation. That intervention apparently prompted an assault against him. Officers have identified a 19-year-old as the suspect. A Union City resident, he is not and was not a student of North Bergen High School. The NBPD arrested him Dec. 11, according to the press release. He has been charged with aggravated assault and riot, based on a previous criminal record, the release said. He was held without bail at the Hudson County Corrections Center.Police also arrested two females and one male involved in the original altercation. They are charged with disorderly persons offenses.You can view video of the incident at

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