Datong County won the national unity and progress to create a demonstration of the title of honor

April 11, 2017

2012 in June 26th to 27, by the Central Propaganda Department, the central United Front Work Department and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in Ningxia jointly held in Yinchuan national activities to create national unity and progress to exchange experiences, Datong County won the "national campaign to create national unity and progress demonstration county" honorary title, to become the province’s only award units.

in recent years, Datong County, conscientiously implement the State Council, the Fifth National Conference on Commendation for ethnic unity and progress spirit, closely around the national "work together for common prosperity and development" theme, carry out the activities of national unity and progress. In 2011, Datong County made it clear to chase the city and the province’s construction has become a model of national unity and progress county "goal, to create national unity and progress of work as a long-term work in the county Party committee and government made an important schedule, implementation of the" opinions "Datong County to create national unity and progress, create national unity and progress the activities of significant achievements. 1994, 1999, in 2009 has been awarded the honorary title of "national unity and progress model group" by the state council. ()  


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