Please comment on the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out the big visit to open the

April 11, 2017

Xining City Public Security Bureau will carry out a 6 month big visit to open the door evaluation activities. The mass appraisal opinions, reflect the problems, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will be sorted out one by one, one by one time, implement the responsibility responsibility requirements and corrective measures to ensure the implementation of corrective measures in place within the prescribed time limit, timely feedback to the masses, through the continuous improvement of the public Security Council rectification work, improve the image of the team.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will set the electronic voting machines in the public security organs window units in March, publicly accepted by the masses, and through various forms to the community questionnaire, to review the work of public security unit; carry out the "chief face" activities, the Council, the sub County Bureau of Party members, lead the front line contact point unit, visits to the masses, public security, traffic police, open remonstrance; household, immigration, fire and other units to carry out the window "open the door on the police, the Police Association", "police open", "meet the police" and other activities, enrich and perfect measures to benefit the masses, broaden the service channel bridge; the sub County Bureau of the police station the unit, community and rural policing as the basis, to carry out into the countryside, into the community, into the campus, into the enterprise "four" activities, listen to the demands of the masses to solve. Practical problems.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will carry out a "comb backlog, break a small case" battle in April, focused on the vital interests of the masses to run the "case" and "small", through the "small case" and "small", and further enhance the trust of the masses of the public security organs, people’s understanding to win support to carry out a clean government; warning education activities, negative case analysis, there are in-depth investigation of law enforcement and case handling problems in the process, and effectively improve the credibility of law enforcement; invite NPC deputies and CPPCC members, supervisors and representatives from all walks of life held wind warning discipline for wind appraisal and clean government forum, listened carefully to the problems and suggestions they put forward the thought of the style construction of public security team clean government and police. At the same time to carry out a thorough investigation on the activities of each unit, the problems and deficiencies to be informed in a timely manner, and urge all units to do the work. Xining City Public Security Bureau will carry out the "visit" comment on police activities, truly achieve the construction of public security team in Xining city was significantly enhanced, significantly enhance the level of public security work, work style and discipline style improved significantly, significantly enhance the people’s sense of security, a harmonious relationship between the police and the people to.


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