National Fitness badminton match yesterday

April 11, 2017

In December 13th, the first "Qinghai province National Fitness badminton tournament kicks off in the" national fitness center. The game set the men’s team, women’s team, the family group of men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles five projects, a total of 28 groups and 52 families on behalf of the team, a total of 330 participants, the game set the total bonus 43 thousand and 400 yuan.   this event sponsored by the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Sports Management Center, Provincial Sports Co. Ltd. jointly hosted, aimed at sports events lead to sports as the support, with the participation of the masses as the main body, to promote the province launched the national fitness, to provide quality service for the masses of sports. At the same time, this event is also the Provincial Sports Bureau to enrich the structure and level of sports events, give full play to the social functions of sports events, to promote the implementation of the national fitness program specific measures. Reporters learned that, compared with the previous game, this event is a major feature of the family as the participating units, players can be a father and son, mother and daughter, brother, sister, husband and wife, etc.. In the December 13th game, the players were caught on the fight, a knockout. Today’s game will be four out of the top four and the first four. Won the first four games will receive a maximum of 4000 yuan reward.  

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