Want to reform dare to reform good reform

April 12, 2017

Xining to go ahead in the reform!

2015, is a key year of comprehensive deepening reform and tackling the year. Comprehensive deepening of reform in our city and then speed up the comprehensive deepening of reform into deep water, every further, are facing many challenges.

party secretary Wang Xiao on in-depth research intensive, some units and departments pointed out: "we want the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and provincial" four clear "as an important method and general requirements of work, to further enhance their understanding, innovative institutional mechanisms, with the first try, the first breakthrough, the courage to play spirit want to reform, dare to reform, good reform, brave when the pioneer of reform and reform of high building."

over the past year, Xining depth implementation of the provincial Party committee of Xining, "on the reform of the former" requirements, adhere to the problem oriented, highlighting the orientation of the people, to promote the focus of reform in practice, in the forefront;

years, the municipal Party committee from reality, held 7 meetings, deepen reform leading group of the 13 reform work conference, the revocation of the five special teams reform leading group under the comprehensive implementation, municipal leaders in charge of the reform in the field of leadership system, making "responsibility list" and "task" ledger review the main points of the year, and a major reform program, to promote the reform and the implementation of


years, the main party leaders take the lead deep rural communities, enterprises and market line to carry out "dissecting a sparrow" months of investigation, gathering wisdom, improve benefit by mutual discussion, reform the pertinence, operability and scientific;

over the past year, the city is full of reform in the dry, in the forefront, resolute and effective, let the people have a better sense of happiness of life, the spirit, style and feelings.


in the process of promoting the municipal government to a solid measures to vigorously promote the work of

Forced reform of the

problem, where the problem, where the reform point.

in order to implement the ex ante accountability to get rid of barriers in the city to carry out look back campaign:

on reform issues, has completed the key view: reform whether the documents have been fully implemented; the reform effect is obvious, is expected to achieve its objectives; reform effectiveness evaluation, service object is to get real benefits; whether the formation of long-term mechanism.

is still in the promotion of reform projects, focusing on: whether the reform is expected to achieve the progress of each sub task is orderly convergence; work to promote a strong, reform;

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