Major holidays mini bus toll free

April 12, 2017

from our national day this year, the implementation of the following 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles toll free

time range for the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, labor day, National Day

* free time from the first day of the holiday 00:00 began, the last day of the holiday 24:00 end

Qinghai news network reporter from the Ministry of transport in September 20th held a major holidays mini bus toll free television and telephone conference venue in Qinghai was informed that in order to implement the "major holidays from small passenger car to develop the State Council forwarded the Ministry of transport and other departments on the implementation plan of the traffic fee notice" spirit, the provincial government office of the toll road actually, issued the "implementation plan on major holidays toll free minibus" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan").

according to the arrangements for the meeting and "implementation plan", our province will be from National Day this year, began to travel in the Toll Highway 7 seat the following (including 7) passenger vehicles, including motorcycles will allow the ordinary toll road toll. Toll free time for the Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, labor day, National Day 4 national holidays, and then determine the general office of the State Council document the legal holidays holiday; free time from the beginning of the first day of the holiday holiday 00:00, 24:00 on the last day of the end (ordinary road to the vehicle through the Toll Station Lane time as the standard, the vehicle left the highway to the toll lane exit time, the time is Beijing time). The work by the provincial government to implement the unified organization, the Provincial Communications Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial supervision department, the provincial government office for rectifying and other provincial departments will set up a joint working group, in September 30th the province is vehicle congestion charges site on-site inspection.

According to Yang Borang, director of the Provincial Communications Department, in the past in province in the Spring Festival, national day and other major holidays have also been free passage. This year, the general office of the State Council formally issued nationwide in a mini bus toll free, this is a manifestation of public property, public holiday highway to reduce travel costs, direct, good policy Huimin Limin, transportation departments will conscientiously implement the work, in accordance with the central and provincial deployment of hundred-percent, the good thing to do to do. In concrete work, we must first ensure that the unified policy, not to expand the scope of the implementation of the toll free; in the past, long-distance bus tourist bus by traffic and other policies remain unchanged on the basis of free time, to further clarify the policy of free and open and closed toll road management mode. Secondly, to comprehensive measures to implement the plan, make full use of the existing toll lane, such as early in the lane before the establishment of clear signs of guidance, to remind the truck to the right, the car on the left; for heavy traffic toll station, set up special major holidays minibuses free channel, to realize vehicle and charge free;

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