How to solve the employment problem of Yunnan entrepreneurship good results

April 16, 2017

prices continue to rise in the level of wages can be more and more support for their own, in order to effectively solve their own problems, entrepreneurship has become the choice of many people now! Yunnan province to overcome the economic downturn, job supply problems and resolve the adverse effects of excess capacity in the placement of workers brought heavy tasks, and actively expand the employment space, increase the supply of jobs and employment recruitment efforts, adhere to the entrepreneurial employment, the employment situation has good stability to the situation.

annual urban employment 447 thousand and 900 people to help the urban unemployed re employment of 134 thousand and 100 people, employment difficulties in employment of 110 thousand and 100 people, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.6%. Graduation season, the Yunnan Provincial Department of human resources and social has held a special job fairs at Yunnan University of Nationalities, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, organized more than 2000 recruitment companies, providing more than 1.4 jobs.

around carey organize the "2016 national human resources market of college graduates employment service week" and "college graduates employment service month" activities, complete Yunling students start to support the project in 947, issued 13 million 758 thousand yuan of funds to support the implementation of subsidies, promote the employment of 4853 people, the employment rate of college graduates in the province reached 96.7% at the end of the year (96.4% in 2015), employment the rate of college graduates steadily.

the development of public welfare jobs were placed in employment difficult personnel 46 thousand and 400 people, 1786 households zero employment families dynamic reset; actively carry out difficult areas of employment assistance special action, organized activities 1000 enterprises, employment Tibet million jobs in Tibet area ", and achieved good social effects. The new release of business loans 12 billion 700 million yuan (loans is the most populous province), a total of 151 thousand people to support entrepreneurship, promote employment 465 thousand people; a total of 101 new business park, the public record of 40 space, campus public record 64 platform, and the establishment of the Yunnan Shanghai counterpart helping business alliance.

how to solve the employment problem? If you can not find a satisfactory job in life, you can also adapt to the needs of the market to choose a strength of the brand to do business, but also a very good direction of employment! The Yunnan employment through entrepreneurship, employment and entrepreneurship environment improved, strengthen the construction of the public employment service system, to further promote the public employment services into the community, into college, into the park "; cancel occupation qualification 453, reducing the threshold of employment; relying on the social system portal and Yunnan social public record net" create "Internet plus employment service platform, let more people a good business is good business!

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