Chai Huilong selling leek can earn millions of dollars a year

April 20, 2017

of the students now is really very bad little skill is great, all of them to start and there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs have a great harvest, let us have a new hope for entrepreneurship, today the protagonist is such a student in the second when he opened the company when the boss is selling leek earn millions a year.

1989 was born in the town of wood, sophomore year when the creation of a staff of 400 people, the company is known as firewood million. After graduating from college in 2012, returned to his hometown of Zhangqiu City, Shandong province Chai village leek, as of the end of 2013, turnover of about ten million yuan, net profit of up to $about 1000000. He advocated the "big farmers + farmers cooperatives + farmers" model, changing the traditional mode of cultivation for decades, and his potted leek has become a typical traditional agriculture to modern agriculture transformation. Chai Huilong tells the story of their 80 after the business.

I am a college student in China World Trade Center, I have been a campus media, even if the face of the annual salary of 200 thousand temptation, but also want to return to their hometown – Zhangqiu Chai village. My hometown has leek planting history, 355 ethnic Chinese chive, brand base of 1500 acres of the village features, even in 2000 registered the green pollution-free leek brand, but the official certification does not bring more profits to the villagers. At the age of 19, I vowed, if four years later, the hometown of leek has not become the country, I will go back to their hometown to realize this dream.

seize the people pay attention to the rigid demand for food safety

when I was in college, I heard about a variety of leek poisoning. It is clear that there is no pollution, no residue of vegetables even in the supermarket and no one to buy. But for the people of North China is just need, especially in winter is necessary to make dumplings (ingredients). However, because of fear, consumers do not even recognize the certificate. Now urbanization so severe, many people do not have to (do not want to plant species), but also can not grow a good leek, can only buy. Faced with such a strong demand, our villagers did not earn much money. In general Chinese is indeed difficult to sell leek price at the farmers’ market, 4 dollars (a pound) is maximum.

I think at that time, our village just to provide pollution-free leek, we have such a good base, I was a man familiar with Chai village, rural, if not, there is no such a good chance.

to change these issues, I have to change in many ways the past agricultural production and operation of some of the ways. I decided to give priority to family farms, supplemented by farmers cooperatives. First make yourself a specimen, if successful, then to farmers. I rented 4 uncle’s land, a large volume of 40 acres recommend

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