Security – nsurance vigorously support Guangdong poverty alleviation work

April 21, 2017

in every city in life no matter how economic development, there is always a part of the poor, can not be separated from the government’s strong support, so poverty is a long war! Reporter 23, from the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau was informed that since 2016, Guangdong’s insurance industry to play an active role in the insurance mechanism to promote the insurance poverty alleviation project landing for the protection of poverty alleviation work in Guangdong escort. Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau spokesman Wu Qian introduced last year, Guangdong insurance industry to actively develop agricultural insurance, illness insurance, personal insurance, simple rural microfinance guarantee insurance, catastrophe insurance, insurance funds to support poverty alleviation and other multi-level insurance products and services in Guangdong poverty alleviation work.

2016 August, the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the Guangdong insurance industry to boost poverty alleviation efforts to implement the program, to co-ordinate efforts to promote the industry’s precise poverty alleviation. Proposed in 2018, the basic establishment of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation and development work in Guangdong to adapt to the insurance service system. Efforts to achieve poor areas of insurance services to the village to households to the people, the poor people are willing to protect the insured, the production and living of the poor people get a range of insurance. Vigorously promote agricultural insurance, serious illness insurance, rural simple life insurance, micro credit guarantee insurance, catastrophe insurance, insurance funds to support the poor and other multi-level insurance products, services Guangdong poverty alleviation work.

Guangdong poverty alleviation work in the development of the insurance companies are actively involved in the work to further increase the driving force for poverty alleviation. Encourage insurance companies to set up institutional outlets in poor areas to provide diversified insurance services. At the same time, the establishment of a special research team, through visits, fill in the form of questionnaires, to understand the status of major state-owned insurance companies to participate in poverty alleviation, farmers (poor households) insurance status and needs. In addition, the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Guangdong Province jointly Poverty Alleviation Office and other 6 departments issued "poverty alleviation microfinance in Guangdong province implementation plan (2016-2018)", the use of micro credit guarantee insurance mechanism for poor households to increase trust loans, farmers purchase guarantee insurance, loan amount increased from 50 thousand to 100 thousand.

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