Crystal flower jewelry shop investment analysis

April 28, 2017

now people’s economic conditions permit, so the demand for all kinds of jewelry is growing, the crystal flower jewelry as crystal clear, can enhance the owner’s taste of the market and become the first choice, demand is great, so many investors chose to view this, then how to run a crystal flower jewelry shop?

2, for the majority of consumers are female characteristics of crystal decoration, the best choice in women love shopping district, such as woman street, or female population is relatively concentrated area, such as maternal and child hospital nearby, art colleges around. 3, due to the possibility of expanding the scale, should choose not too long lease shop.

with the unprecedented increase women all over the world economy’s ability to pay, the desire for beautiful women will gradually become a reality, therefore, the flowers and crystal, fashion and art in one set of crystal flower ornaments, due to its unique charm and fashion to get the majority of women of all ages. Statistics show that in 2005 the global crystal flower jewelry consumption in the United States, Australia, Canada ranked the top 3, the amount of consumption reached $553 million, $510 million and $455 million, Chinese $310 million, consumer market scale.

has such a large market demand, but there are not many practitioners, a good opportunity that now appear in front of you, as you want to create a career you are still hesitant what? Hurry to open a crystal flower jewelry store, earn your rich future!

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