Zhoukou electrician to commit suicide to save the lives of women – the whole

May 3, 2017

everyone will know the value of life, so I hope people can cherish life, let oneself live better. A woman in Zhoukou County of Taikang city’s suicide jump, just met to electrical construction. The critical moment, 4 electricians acted as fire rescue personnel role, took the rope in the construction of Tiaojing woman, successy rescued her.

According to reports, March 28th at 8 am, Taikang county power supply company employees Wang Fei, Liu Junfeng, and, and the driver of the car to go to the town of a gas pump power engineering construction site on the site of the construction site of the town of the people’s Republic of China, as well as the construction site of the power supply company of the people’s Republic of China, as well as at about am on the morning of. By Zhu Kou Zhen Xing Zheng Cun Xi tou Daxinzhuang Dongfeng a cornfield, suddenly saw an old lady stood in the middle of the road waving to the pedestrians and vehicles. Wang Fei and other 4 people quickly stopped the car, quickly ran to the old man.

under the guidance of the old lady, they came not far from a field next to the pump. We lie down in the well along the look, vaguely see a young woman with feet and hands are hard to support the shaft wall." Wang Fei recalls, her head following all soaked in water, life on the verge of death or destruction.

as soon as possible to save people, Wang Fei quickly ordered the workers to take the construction of the rope, and then handed down along the well. "We wanted the young woman to hold the rope with her hand and pull her together. However, the woman’s hand may have been frozen, grasping several times can not hold the rope." Wang Fei recalls, helpless, they quickly put the rope was tied in a slipknot, again pass into the wells, let the woman put the rope buckle in the upper arm, successy rescued the woman.

in Zhoukou’s enthusiastic rescuers Sarah, succeeded in saving the life of suicide. Jump suicide young woman Feng Moumou, Dongfeng Village villagers Zhu town. "The woman got married last year, with the usual laws to deal with the relationship is not so good, that day because of a trivial home after a quarrel with his family.

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