14 year old girl at Fudan University on the 00 points after the surprise of all the students in the

May 6, 2017

in the college entrance examination every year there will be a lot of people in the topic, in this year, the same is true, the next to say that the college entrance examination champion can be very, she is a 14 year old after the 00.

"00 later……" , after learning that a 14 year old girl in Guangdong was admitted to Fudan University this year, a doctoral student from Fudan University yesterday issued such a feeling. The 14 year old girl from Guangdong,, was born in 2001, named Yuan Yifan. In the admission of the first batch of college entrance examination this year, she was admitted to Fudan University. Although the university has no age limit, however, education expert Xiong Bingqi said yesterday that the small college students learning precocious, capacity is relatively strong, but the mind is not mature, should be paid to the cultivation of the individual.

613 points did not last year college

for Yuan Yifan’s performance, there are friends laugh, she graduated from University, may my peers are no college, friends for her blessing, hope that students can become small.

"in China, University and no age limit." Yesterday, the famous education scholar, Xiong Bingqi, vice president of Education Research Institute, told reporters in twenty-first Century, in fact, 14 year old college students are not uncommon. A few years ago, in some of the University’s juvenile classes, 11 year old and even college students have a 10 year old."

about the reasons for the juvenile class by hot cold, Xiong Bingqi said, many small college students are the way they are skipping, precocious, strong learning ability, but after all, young age, mental immaturity, psychological problems more. Some do not recommend in the juvenile class

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