68 yuan to spend $50 thousand to buy the business now so rampant

May 6, 2017

following the astronomical bath in Harbin, Shanghai is the emergence of excessive price barber shop, 68 yuan to spend $50 thousand haircut, now businesses are so rampant? Who is in charge of a tube? The details of the event, followed by a small series to see it!


1 on the evening of 26 August, the more than and 20 year old Yang Zhen Xuan Yi River passing hairdressing shop, to hair, because second days to return to his home, he thought the image of bright point, on the choice of the shop 68 yuan of "chief barber", "I will earn more than 4000 yuan a this month, usually reluctant to spend so much money for a haircut."

"clean the scalp, I’m going to check out when the cashier said, in addition to 68 yuan, there is a cost of 5152 yuan. I was scared silly, how to come up with so much money, Xiao Yang said: "the other told me that in the process of cleaning the scalp, the use of 14 South Korea imported syrup, each of $368."

3 11 noon, the reporter came to the hotel with the small Yang Yi Jiang Jiang Yi shop, shop manager Wang told reporters that the South Korean imports of 368 yuan / branch of the syrup is clearly marked price.

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