An additional gift allows stores more guest

May 10, 2017

even if the goods are the same, the price is the same, even in the shop location is farther, but I believe a lot of gifts to send, customers would rather run a little way to go to the gift shop. In fact, people have a psychological advantage of cheap, especially when buying goods, even the most generous people, they will also be preoccupied. So, we want to do business showmanship, "miser" don’t, to use this kind of psychology, so that they account for a little cheaper, so as to achieve the purpose of selling goods.

but everything has a degree, as a businessman, you do not play swollen face fat man, after all, presented to the customer is the merchant’s net profit". Therefore, in their own interests not too much damage, so that both sides can be satisfied. I am in the business, is good at using those small things, small items to lead off, you give a little something additional customers, customers feel the owner is a generous businessman, especially for the first time to buy customers, makes them feel that you are dealing with and trust, which will make they are from the "head off into" repeat".

last time, village who had just moved to the customer to my shop to buy meat, I said and then cut off the thumb sized piece placed in a plastic bag. The customer thought I have here a short measure, then go back and said, I found it is a small gift after the. The second time, embarrassed to tell me about this thing, but also boast I do business honest. For example, it is generally sold bulk non-staple food, are afraid of customer taste, like a thief to the customer, especially those high prices of food. And I am not the same, when the customer to buy, I would say that the quality is absolutely no problem, do not believe you try?

is generally the active point to the customer to taste, eat mouth short, soft Helenians if tasted not to buy, customers will have a heart really feel sorry. Again for example, another example of the customer to buy food, I said after a customer to toss a few onions or garlic bolt, root, customers do not need medical treatment that can to solve the problem of the cooking condiment, convenient! In fact, you do not look down on the hair of a few cents of small things, to rely on them to repeat customers.

is now doing business because of the pressure of competition, the shop to make a profit is not easy, a lot of the owner is more "stingy", what is over, let alone send customers something, this mode of operation is how to attract customers? So, if you want to attract more customers to the store, may wish to operate under the conditions of their own permission to add some gifts.

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