Guangdong college students start a business boom

May 11, 2017

college students entrepreneurship has become a trend of the society, with the provision of various preferential policies, so as to protect more students on the road of entrepreneurship. Among them, the University in Guangdong set off a business boom, creating more entrepreneurial results.

recently, the reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Education Department, the national development and Reform Commission cooperation international cooperation center and the Guangzhou University huaruan software college to build "China Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship". Guangzhou University huaruan Software College officially became the National Center for international cooperation in the development and Reform Commission "Cooperation Demonstration colleges in Guangdong province".

in fact, in Guangdong, not only to build a platform for college students Guangzhou University. Since last year, under the support and encouragement of the policy, the province’s major colleges and universities have actively attempted to build a business platform, set off a boom in College students.

entrepreneurship driven employment of the reality of the soil

2015 annual report on the quality of employment of college graduates in Guangdong province shows that in 2015 the average employment rate of college graduates in Guangdong was 94.80%, an increase of more than 0.19% in 2014. As of September 1, 2015, the number of independent college graduates in 2015 was 3671, an increase of 114%.

increase in the number of college graduates in Guangdong, inseparable from the policy support.

4 months, "Guangdong Provincial People’s Government on the implementation of opinions" and vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation introduction, pointed out at the government level to promote entrepreneurship to innovative institutional mechanisms to achieve business facilitation, in the optimization of fiscal policies, strengthen business support and enliven the financial market, realize the convenience of financing.

in addition, by the Guangdong Provincial Department of human resources and social, the Provincial Department of education and other 13 departments and units jointly organized in 2016, Guangdong public cup innovation contest was launched in March. Competition aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurial innovation of various groups, and promote venture capital projects and venture capital, venture capital policy, entrepreneurial services effective docking.

in early November 2015, the Shenzhen City People Club Bureau issued the "Shenzhen Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship support selection implementation plan", stipulated in the above work, deep learning or entrepreneurial two years, at the age of 35 years, to carry out applied research, technological innovation or business projects belong to the strategic emerging industry in Shenzhen and the future of industry, can declare Shenzhen City Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, and enjoy employment support policies.

university is a good trial and error phase

2015 graduated from Guangdong Ocean University in Yang Yongkang, currently in Zhanjiang to run their own business

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