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May 13, 2017

want to venture capital venture capital is not enough, but also a variety of other aspects of the ability of entrepreneurs is a special group? Entrepreneurial leadership is innate or acquired? Believe that different people will give different answers. Will tell you about the entrepreneur’s unique genes and internal practice. It is worth mentioning that many of the two experts in the dialogue process is not the same or even diametrically opposite views, so that the majority of readers in the enjoyment of the views of the confrontation while realizing that you belong to the revelation!

What is the name of

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five psychological quality management is shown in Figure 1: "" be "the pursuit of excellence" "confident" and "strategic thinking" and "Han chi". From the left to the right of Figure 1, we can see that the role of education and training has become less and less, the psychological quality of the increasingly high demand. Technical personnel need to be kind to others and the pursuit of excellence, the sales staff to be a courageous and confident. Do you want to know more about your clients, who you want, what you need, what your business model is and why others are willing to pay for it?. Occupation managers need to have a person of wisdom?. This is my summary of the basic "five qualities". However, further, a person can not start, it depends on whether there is a spirit of adventure; if you want to become a society, to promote the transformation of the times, but also a lot of inspiration?. Sancho Gandhi and Sun Zhongshan are such people.

these qualities for different types of talents, the specific meaning and requirements are different. Take the first "good intentions", if a scholar or a reporter, "people" is not to steal other people’s work; if the sales representative is to sell things to make people believe; if the occupation is free or self employed, but also good for gratitude, to let others come back to find you; managers, plus a fair. But in fact the position of different people will have different understanding of justice, so every time at the end of the general manager of the red envelopes are often very painful; for entrepreneurs, "good intentions" means to lead, make people follow; to change, it means that the moral model. In this view, "" be four words is easy to say, it is very difficult. "Good" is not to say that you are a good man, but let others feel that you are a good man, this is a difference.

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