Big coffee entrepreneurs gathered in Shenzhen for entrepreneurs

May 13, 2017

is now an Internet era of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs will choose to realize their business through the Internet as a platform to the target in the early days, recently in Shenzhen gathered a lot of commercial coffee.

in "Internet plus entrepreneurship" era, what is entrepreneurship roles? Entrepreneurs how to grasp the opportunity and outlet Internet plus "? As the 2015 venture star Chinese new media entrepreneurship competition Southern China series activities, August 27th, a number of entrepreneurs in the field "Chinese big coffee gathered at the Silicon Valley" Nanshan, Shenzhen entrepreneurs and in-depth study of the above two problems.

"entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurial city is very important." President Chen Weiwei said the grassroots angel will answer audience questions, compared to Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzhen’s industrial chain more complete, start-up costs are relatively low, especially for the "start empty-handed" grassroots entrepreneurs.


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