Goddess shop selling women sold five diamond

May 29, 2017

beautiful, good character, such a girl will have an advantage in the work? I think most people’s answer is yes, but in reality, they may face more difficulties. Xu Weirui was a very handsome and good character, so the University also has been called the classmates and friends for the goddess, but perhaps it is because of the long too beautiful, after she graduated from the University of work is often as a vase, and even attempted to kept her, that she was not so. She decided to resign as a free occupation.

goddess selling women, the effect is very good

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because the impulse to resign, but Xu Wei Rui is not ready to re find a job, so after a period of time to play odd jobs, she found the shop should be a good channel for a living. So, she said to do, and soon opened his shop, but the problem is still plagued by the supply of her.

but beauty is always an advantage, when one of her classmates that she would like to open a shop, but did not find many sources, he very readily said, they opened a clothing factory, can provide a source for her, through on-the-spot investigation and visit, she felt that she should be the best so far the choice, she and the clothing factory signed a cooperation agreement. So, Xu Wei Rui shop is booming opened.

beauty of the popularity of the end of the five drill


was saying, beauty is always an advantage, when she is in the circle of friends to do publicity for their own shop, her friends and admirers bestie, join in, whether it is into the store to buy, or to help her publicity to improve store traffic, everyone is very enthusiastic to help her. But because she was pretty and a good character, but also because her friends all know that she will resign because of what is out of business, so are very willing to help her.

is now a lot of people know that open shop is a good choice, but because of the operation of many people, leading to fierce competition, many people will sigh that the industry’s business is not good to do. In her friend’s help, she very smoothly through the shop at the beginning of the difficult, plus she is a very dressed girl, so she sells clothes are very popular, after her continuous efforts, just one year’s time, her shop reached five drill. But her monthly sales can reach tens of thousands of dollars, she not only rely on their own efforts to feed themselves, but also can better enjoy their life, and will not be easily harassment.

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