nternet era to the company named several tips

May 29, 2017

the name of the company is very important when starting a business, the name is wealth. Especially on the Internet, the name is your most valuable asset, which is the main difference between the Internet and the real world. The name of the company’s name is the prerequisite for the collection of peer registered company name, because many times you will find yourself want a good name, has been registered.

name to simple

simple name easy to spread, concise and comprehensive, clear, easy to attract customers, people will greatly improve the possibility of the name of word of mouth, and can communicate a wide range of meanings to consumers, contributes to brand Lenovo, caused by the desire for communication.

name and domain name, the shorter the better

name and domain name to enter the computer, so it should be short and easy to spell. In fact, all brand names should not be complicated and difficult to remember. Words, syllables, and letters of a brand name are valuable, and you can’t use long words when you can find short words.

The name

name should have the connection between

and Industry

successful name to be able to explain some important properties of the goods, or implied this product category some essential characteristics, thus strengthening the product positioning. They can make consumers feel the benefits of the product through the name, the effect is more attractive.

take a name for sustainable development

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