Zhu Xinli go out to find business opportunities

May 30, 2017

Mention Huiyuan Juice, many people are very familiar with. For this name, it is. Zhu Xinli, the founder of the bigger and stronger Huiyuan, a few people know his entrepreneurial history?

character achievement:

Zhu Xinli in 1992 as a Shandong on the verge of collapse of the County Office of canned fruit factory, and in 1993 the company’s main business into the production of concentrated fruit juice was due to fill gaps in the market, so enterprises began to rapidly expand. 1999, Zhu Xinli will be the main assets of Huiyuan Group and Xinjiang Delong set up a joint venture. Because of the Williams financial support, companies began speeding the development of 2 years, a total investment of 2 billion in the national new Huiyuan 20 production base, to 2003 when the Huiyuan juice has occupied 23% of the national market share. 2003, Zhu Xinli repurchased Delong shares in huiyuan. In March this year, Zhu Xinli and part of the assets of Huiyuan Juice and unified group in the Cayman Islands to set up a joint venture China Huiyuan Juice holdings, which invested 250 million yuan of shares of a unified investment of $5%. China Huiyuan Juice holdings estimated sales revenue reached 2 billion 600 million yuan this year, profit of more than $two hundred million.

entrepreneurial process: (readme)

1, "development is the last word" guide me to embark on the road of entrepreneurship

1992, Xiaoping’s southern tour. I was 40 years old at that time. Xiaoping told the southern tour is the most important development is the hard truth ", put forward the primary economic development. This sentence deeply encouraged me to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. I think this is a very important opportunity, in the development of the economy, I should not be squeezed in the political officer on this road. If I miss this opportunity, may my life so quietly lost my value, so I decided to quit a job, I, go on the road of entrepreneurship. I think that the most Chinese is the lack of entrepreneurs, the lack of government officials, because Chinese is the official standard of the country, many people think that only the official can master a head, a lot of talent you are willing to go to the government office, now a lot of parents to their children Study hard, also is to go to an official.

if Xiaoping did not put forward "development is the truth", I will not go initiation thoughts, so I am particularly grateful to Xiaoping, he pointed out to me the road of entrepreneurship, let me find a suitable development path, and has been in this industry for the country and make a contribution. So I venture is the environment dictates.

2, entrepreneurs are born, professional managers are acquired

had to go to sea, I am not blind to it, but in a careful analysis of their own conditions on the premise of the courage to take this step. First, I have the experience of the management of township enterprises; second I am good at learning; I am not afraid of hardship, I am a person who is not afraid of hardship, especially in. When I have the necessary qualities of these entrepreneurs, I am afraid of what?

entrepreneurs are born, professional managers are acquired

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