Hydrogen create space to Kunming entrepreneurs are not the same support

May 31, 2017

in the cause of the cause of the development of public space construction in full swing, there are a lot of the situation, the existing capacity of a professional service capacity of the passenger space is low, resulting in an increase in business incubation bottleneck. To solve this problem, in order to allow the public to create space to play its real strength.

in "a hydrogen space", there are many such experienced entrepreneurs, hand Nogi project founder against the rain is also one. Want to start a lot of people, walking on the road of entrepreneurship is also a lot of people, but in the end the success of entrepreneurship is not a few. In the ‘hydrogen create space’, we can get a lot of entrepreneurial success of the guide, let us in the path of entrepreneurship detours." Against the day of rain.

How can

"hydrogen a space" is the first of the Panlong District Urban Industrial Park Management Committee and space, strive for innovators, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial team, innovative enterprises to integrate resources, build a platform to provide one-stop service, reduce the startup business barriers, improve the success rate of vertical industry, fostering innovation and industrial agglomeration that will make out the recommended

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