National social security fund regulations out of institutional arrangements is the biggest bright sp

May 31, 2017

social security of the new policy that everyone is concerned about the recent, the National Social Security Fund Ordinance has come out, on the specific content, the following are detailed introduction, together to understand it!

3 on Sept. 29 news, according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported, Premier Li Keqiang recently signed the State Council Decree No. 667th, published "the National Social Security Fund Ordinance", from May 1, 2016 1997. The biggest highlight of the regulations, the national social security fund raising, use, management and supervision, to further standardize the fund guarantee, under the premise of security, increase the value of.

2000 in August, the State Council set up a national social security fund, the National Social Security Fund Council is responsible for the management of operations. As the national social security reserve fund, the fund will be used for the supplement and adjustment of the social security expenditure such as endowment insurance in our country.

16 years, the country through the financial allocation and transfer of state-owned capital and continuously enrich the fund, plus investment income, up until the end of December 2015, the fund has reached the scale of 10 thousand to 508 billion 592 million yuan. This figure is expected to continue to grow rapidly. Because the Ordinance has been clear, the national social security fund allocated by the central budget and transfer of state-owned capital, the fund investment income and by other means approved by the State Council to raise funds, which means that the funds will be added in the Everfount.

regulations in the management of the operation, clear: the National Council for social security fund investment and operation of the national social security fund, should adhere to the safety, profitability and long-term principle, approved by the State Council, the stock of fixed income and equity assets not listed species, and recommended

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