Reduce the cost of purchase also need to grasp the purchase channels

June 2, 2017

want to reduce the cost of the purchase of the store, we can proceed from many aspects, which is a very important aspect of the purchase channel. In fact, the purchase channel is related to the operator of the most critical part of the sales profit. Under normal circumstances, there are several ways to purchase: first, directly from the manufacturers purchase, the purchase of this method without any other intermediate links, is the most economical way.

is the second purchase from agents there, agents also divided into several levels, such as province, city, county, township agent or agents, two agents and so on; another is to buy from the local wholesale market or peers to adjust each other sources (of course, except the cigarette). Do not underestimate the purchase channels, the impact on the cost of large.

from the cost of the purchase of the factory is the lowest, and the cost of the purchase from the individual large sales there is the highest. Manufacturers purchase, basically are ex factory price, sometimes there are concessions in the ex factory price can, but from manufacturers little chance, because first you have to have a certain operating capacity, the number of stock to be big, you have to have a certain economic strength as a support, no money, a small amount of manufacturers generally will also have quite a contemptuous disregard; the relationship is and manufacturers a long time, there are certain emotional factors.

is now a lot of goods are sold through agents, manufacturers rarely direct sales, agents where the price is also more favorable, but after all, can not be compared with the ex factory price. Finally, to make good use of all the relations, good purchase price, even if it is a cheap one, can be considered a success, the side of the relationship, we must learn to open the door.

this summer, a Shandong manufacturer of beer and as temperatures rising, see the home inventory to run out. So, I took advantage of the relationship between the group of friends in the internet qq group to find the right price supply. Right, there is a group of friends in Shandong, he is the city’s agent brand. As a group of old friends, so the price is also good to talk about. However, he does not implement door-to-door service, I would like to find a car to drag home.

after my accounting, the removal of all costs, the final price of beer into the library is still a lot of profit margins. Moreover, the higher the price, with our sales ability, it is difficult to set in our local supply. Time is money, after a tense preparation, two days and two nights, and finally pulled a large beer from Shandong into the library.

although many of the owners are aware of the importance of the purchase channel, but do not know how to master this knowledge, I do not know how to find the relevant channels. So, in order to purchase channels smooth, reduce the cost of purchase, we retail customers usually have to make a person, pay attention to the accumulation of the network around, do not think that was not

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