Sugar man from a small sugar shop to earn millions of years of the process

June 4, 2017

with the development of economy, people’s way of life has undergone great changes, eating desserts become part of people’s daily life, which brings a huge business opportunities for dessert. Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a dessert shop from the establishment of the industry’s well-known brands of entrepreneurial process.

1998 in March, trying to pave the way for the retired fat Zhang, so will the esoteric craft made, and set up a joint venture partner Luo Jianxiong brother-in-law, sugar ". Because fat Zhang is just hidden investors, so the dessert shop has been handed over to the brother-in-law of management. Opening early, he asked for a month in the store to do sugar syrup, hoping to understand the taste of the neighborhood, and then rest assured that people do. After opening, he asked two women aged more than and 40 to teach them how to make sugar.

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