What are the conditions for the rich snacks

June 12, 2017

Most of the management form of

catering market is to show the form of chain operation, because the business model after the experiment proved that the American economist would be higher than the profit of individual business of traditional pattern, and Chinese large chain catering enterprises beyond count, which one have their own brand characteristics. How to choose how investors have become the most headache problem, small series in this recommendation for everyone – affluent dining.

Shanghai abundance Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in 1958, the Luwan District food and beverage industry to transform the old collective enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, is a modern enterprise system based on the operation of the popular catering chain enterprises.

What are the conditions for

‘s rich snacks?

, after decades of hard pioneer, in 1995 October in a "rich fried" and "Ma Nan Oily Bean Curd fine powder soup" two well-known brands, in 1997 by the China Cuisine Association Evaluation won the "Chinese snack" title, two 00 a year of abundance won the "Chinese restaurant brand" title, two 00 six the company was awarded the "China China Cuisine Association fast food brand" certificate.

"affluent fried in early 1996 issued by Shanghai Municipal Commerce Committee of the" Shanghai snack "certificate, two 00 six years won the Shanghai City Commercial Association, Shanghai Cuisine Association, Shanghai business information center, Xinmin Evening News Agency issued a" certificate of Shanghai name snacks "and" fried king ". Many honors, a long history and broad market prospects.

join conditions:

set up a comprehensive food and beverage stores, the use of the operating area of more than 100 square meters.

opened a fried stores, business premises use area of 50 square meters.

The optional

shop, shop owned capital.

main products raw materials need to be unified distribution by the company.

corporate image, the appearance of signs, gear equipment, kitchen utensils to do the basic unity, decoration by the company unified arrangements.

need to accept the company in quality, service, health and other aspects of the unified guidance and management.

one-time payment service fee 5000 yuan. According to the size of the operating area, the need to pay a monthly fee of 2500-3000 yuan brand.

according to the needs of the operation of the company by the company unified training.

if you feel that you are satisfied with all of the above

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