State Department no longer built closed area has gradually opened up the community

June 13, 2017

according to the latest opinion issued by the State Council, the future of China is no longer the principle of building a closed area, the existing community will be gradually opened, the road into the community of public transport. This triggered a strong public opinion hot.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council several opinions on Further Strengthening the administration of city planning and construction of the "

"open" to traffic

"opinions" put forward, our country should promote the new residential district, in principle no longer closed residential construction. Has built residential quarters and the compound to gradually open the unit, the realization of the internal road to the public, to solve the problem of the layout of the road network, and promote land conservation. In addition to establish a "city road layout concept of narrow road, road network, road network system construction of expressway, primary and secondary roads and branch reasonable gradation. And the requirements of city park in principle to open free to residents, vacate the deadline to clean up illegal occupation of public space.

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